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Cleric Focus Spells

Cleric 1st-Level Focus Spells

PFS StandardAgile Feet (tra)U: The blessings of your god make your feet faster and your movements more fluid.
PFS StandardAppearance of Wealth (ill)U: You create a brief vision of immense wealth filling the spell’s area.
PFS StandardAthletic Rush (tra)U: Your body fills with physical power and skill.
PFS StandardBit of Luck (div)U: You tilt the scales of luck slightly to protect a creature from disaster.
PFS StandardBlind Ambition (enc)U: You strengthen a target’s ambition, increase its resentment of allies, and make its allegiances more susceptible to change.
PFS StandardCharming Touch (enc)U: You infuse your target with attraction, causing it to act friendlier toward you.
PFS StandardCloak of Shadow (evo)U: You drape the target in a mantle of swirling shadows that make it harder to see.
PFS StandardCry of Destruction (evo)HU: Your voice booms, smashing what’s in front of you.
PFS StandardDazzling Flash (evo)HU: You raise your religious symbol and create a blinding flash of light.
PFS StandardDeath's Call (nec)U: Seeing another pass from this world to the next invigorates you.
PFS StandardFace in the Crowd (ill)HU: While in a crowd of roughly similar creatures, your appearance becomes bland and nondescript.
PFS StandardFire Ray (evo)HU: A blazing band of fire arcs through the air.
PFS StandardForced Quiet (abj)U: You quiet the target’s voice, preventing it from giving away valuable secrets.
PFS StandardHealer's Blessing (nec)HU: Your words bless a creature with an enhanced connection to positive energy.
PFS StandardHurtling Stone (evo)HU: You evoke a magical stone and throw it, with your god’s presence guiding your aim.
PFS StandardMagic's Vessel (enc)U: A creature becomes a receptacle for pure magical energy sent by your deity.
PFS StandardMoonbeam (evo)HU: You shine a ray of moonlight.
PFS StandardOverstuff (tra)U: Huge amounts of food and drink fill the target.
PFS StandardPerfected Mind (abj)U: You meditate upon perfection to remove all distractions from your mind.
Practice Makes Perfect (div)SU: Gain a bonus on a failed skill check, which may turn a failure into a success.
PFS StandardProtector's Sacrifice (abj)HU: You protect your ally by suffering in their stead.
PFS StandardPushing Gust (con)U: Giving the air a push, you buffet the target with a powerful gust of wind.
PFS StandardRead Fate (div)U: You attempt to learn more about the target’s fate in the short term.
PFS StandardSavor the Sting (enc)HU: You inflict pain upon the target and revel in their anguish.
PFS StandardScholarly Recollection (div)U: Speaking a short prayer as you gather your thoughts, you’re blessed to find that your deity gave you just the right bit of information for your situation.
PFS StandardSoothing Words (enc)HU: You attempt to calm the target by uttering soothing words in a calm and even tone.
PFS StandardSplash of Art (ill)U: A deluge of colorful illusory paint, tools, or other symbols of art and artisanship drift down in the area.
PFS StandardSudden Shift (abj)U: You swiftly move from a dangerous spot and veil yourself.
PFS StandardSweet Dream (enc)U: With soothing song or tales, you lull the target into an enchanting dream.
PFS StandardTidal Surge (evo)U: You call forth a tremendous wave to move the target either in a body of water or on the ground.
PFS StandardTouch of Obedience (enc)U: Your imperious touch erodes the target’s willpower, making it easier to control.
PFS StandardTouch of Undeath (nec)HU: You attack the target’s life force with undeath.
PFS StandardUnimpeded Stride (tra)U: Nothing can hold you in place.
PFS StandardVeil of Confidence (enc)U: You surround yourself in a veil of confidence.
PFS StandardVibrant Thorns (tra)HU: Your body sprouts a coat of brambly thorns that harm those that strike you and thrive on life magic.
PFS StandardWaking Nightmare (enc)U: You fill the creature’s mind with a terrifying vision out of its nightmares.
PFS StandardWeapon Surge (evo)U: Holding your weapon aloft, you fill it with divine energy.
PFS StandardWord of Truth (div)U: You speak a statement you believe to be true and that is free of any attempt to deceive through twisting words, omission, and so on.

Cleric 4th-Level Focus Spells

PFS StandardArtistic Flourish (tra)HU: You transform the target to make it match your artisanal and artistic vision.
PFS StandardCaptivating Adoration (enc)HU: You become intensely entrancing, and creatures are distracted by you as long as they remain within the area.
PFS StandardCommanding Lash (enc)U: With the threat of more pain, you compel a creature you’ve recently harmed.
PFS StandardCompetitive Edge (enc)HU: Your competitiveness drives you to prove yourself against the opposition.
PFS StandardDarkened Eyes (tra)U: You infuse a creature’s vision with darkness.
PFS StandardDelusional Pride (enc)U: You make the target overconfident, leading it to ascribe failure to external factors.
PFS StandardDestructive Aura (evo)HU: Swirling sands of divine devastation surround you, weakening the defenses of all they touch.
PFS StandardDisperse into Air (tra)U: After taking the triggering damage, you transform into air.
PFS StandardDownpour (evo)HU: You call forth a torrential downpour, which extinguishes non-magical flames.
PFS StandardDreamer's Call (enc)U: The target becomes distracted and suggestible, inundated by vivid daydreams.
PFS StandardEnduring Might (abj)HU: Your own might mingles with divine power to protect you.
PFS StandardEradicate Undeath (nec)HU: A massive deluge of life energy causes the undead to fall apart.
PFS StandardFlame Barrier (abj)HU: Protect yourself or an ally from fire.
PFS StandardGlimpse the Truth (div)HU: Divine insight lets you see things as they truly are.
PFS StandardKnow the Enemy (div)U: Use a Recall Knowledge action, rolling the appropriate skill check to identify the triggering creature’s abilities.
PFS StandardLocalized Quake (tra)HU: You shake the earth, toppling nearby creatures.
PFS StandardLucky Break (div)U: Reroll a failed saving throw and use the better result.
PFS StandardMalignant Sustenance (nec)HU: You embed a seed of negative energy in an undead creature, restoring its unnatural vigor.
PFS StandardMystic Beacon (evo)U: The next damaging or healing spell the target casts becomes more powerful.
PFS StandardNature's Bounty (con)HU: A palm-sized raw fruit or vegetable appears in your open hand.
PFS StandardPerfected Form (abj)U: Reroll a failed saving throw against a morph, petrification, or polymorph effect.
PFS StandardPositive Luminance (nec)HU: Drawing life force into yourself, you become a beacon of positive energy.
PFS StandardPrecious Metals (tra)HU: Your deity blesses base metals to transform them into precious materials.
PFS StandardProtector's Sphere (abj)HU: A protective aura emanates out from you, safeguarding you and your allies.
PFS StandardPulse of the City (div)HU: You tap into the zeitgeist of the nearest settlement in range (if any).
PFS StandardRebuke Death (nec)HU: You snatch creatures from the jaws of death.
PFS StandardRetributive Pain (abj)U: You vengefully reflect your pain upon your tormentor.
PFS StandardSafeguard Secret (abj)U: You ensure a secret remains safe from prying spies.
PFS StandardShared Nightmare (enc)U: Merging minds with the target, you swap disorienting visions from one another’s nightmares.
PFS StandardTake its Course (nec)HU: When someone has overindulged, you can hasten them past the worst of their affliction or intensify their misery.
PFS StandardTempt Fate (div)HU: You twist the forces of fate to make a moment dire or uneventful, with no in-between.
PFS StandardTouch of the Moon (enc)U: When you touch the target, a symbol of the moon appears on its forehead, glowing with soft moonlight.
PFS StandardTraveler's Transit (evo)HU: You add power to your muscles, allowing you to swim or climb walls with ease.
PFS StandardTrickster's Twin (ill)U: You rarely settle for being in just one place.
PFS StandardUnity (abj)U: You put up a united defense.
PFS StandardWord of Freedom (enc)U: You utter a liberating word of power that frees a creature.
PFS StandardZeal for Battle (enc)U: You stoke the righteous anger within yourself and an ally.