Source Core Rulebook pg. 279 4.0
While all weapons need some amount of time to get into position, many ranged weapons also need to be loaded and reloaded. This entry indicates how many Interact actions it takes to reload such weapons. This can be 0 if drawing ammunition and firing the weapon are part of the same action. If an item takes 2 or more actions to reload, the GM determines whether they must be performed together as an activity, or you can spend some of those actions during one turn and the rest during your next turn.


Air Repeater, Alchemical Crossbow, Arquebus, Atlatl, Axe Musket, Backpack Ballista, Backpack Catapult, Barricade Buster, Big Boom Gun, Black Powder Knuckle Dusters, Blowgun, Blunderbuss, Bow Staff, Cane Pistol, Clan Pistol, Coat Pistol, Composite Longbow, Composite Shortbow, Crescent Cross, Crossbow, Dagger Pistol, Daikyu, Dart Umbrella, Double-barreled Musket, Double-Barreled Pistol, Dragon Mouth Pistol, Dueling Pistol, Dwarven Scattergun, Explosive Dogslicer, Fire Lance, Flingflenser, Flintlock Musket, Flintlock Pistol, Gakgung, Gauntlet Bow, Gnome Amalgam Musket, Gun Sword, Halfling Sling Staff, Hammer Gun, Hand Cannon, Hand Crossbow, Harmona Gun, Heavy Crossbow, Hongali Hornbow, Jezail, Lancer, Long Air Repeater, Longbow, Mace Multipistol, Mikazuki, Mithral Tree, Pepperbox, Phalanx Piercer, Piercing Wind, Rapier Pistol, Repeating Crossbow, Repeating Hand Crossbow, Repeating Heavy Crossbow, Rotary Bow, Shield Bow, Shield Pistol, Shobhad Longrifle, Shortbow, Shuriken, Slide Pistol, Sling, Spoon Gun, Spraysling, Sukgung, Sun Sling, Taw Launcher, Three Peaked Tree, Thunder Sling, Triggerbrand, Wrecker, Wrist Launcher