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Source Guns & Gears pg. 231
Combination is a new trait for weapons that combine the functionality of melee weapons and firearms in unique or unusual ways. A combination weapon has a firearm form or usage and a melee weapon form or usage. The weapons table lists the firearm statistics first and the melee weapon statistics indented beneath, just above the ammunition. Switching between the melee weapon usage and the firearm usage requires an Interact action. However, if your last action was a successful melee Strike against a foe using a combination weapon, you can make a firearm Strike with the combination weapon against that foe without fully switching to the firearm usage, firing the firearm just as you hit with the melee attack. In this case, the combination weapon returns to its melee usage after the firearm Strike.

Since a combination weapon is one weapon with two usages, both usages share any fundamental runes. You can put a property rune on a combination weapon as long as it's appropriate for either of the two usages, but if only one of the usages meets the property rune's requirements, the effects of the property rune only apply for that usage. For instance, a vorpal axe musket only applies the vorpal property rune when you are using it as an axe. Due to their complexity, combination weapons can't have another weapon, such as a bayonet or reinforced stock, attached to them.


Axe Musket, Black Powder Knuckle Dusters, Cane Pistol, Dagger Pistol, Explosive Dogslicer, Gnome Amalgam Musket, Gun Sword, Hammer Gun, Mace Multipistol, Piercing Wind, Rapier Pistol, Three Peaked Tree