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Forgotten ShellItem 13

This Item may contain spoilers from the Agents of Edgewatch Adventure Path

Rare Divination Invested Magical 
Source Pathfinder #161: Belly of the Black Whale pg. 78
Price 2,500 gp
Usage worn armor; Bulk 4
Base Armor Full Plate
This +2 resilient full plate, crafted from grim plates of iron, covers the entire body except for small holes for the eyes and mouth. While wearing the armor, you gain the benefits of a nondetection spell. Additionally, creatures attempting to Recall Knowledge about a subject involving you must succeed at a DC 30 Will save. On a success, they can attempt the check normally. On a failure, they can still attempt the check, but even if they successfully Recall Knowledge, they don't remember you (although they might remember other details about the event). Creatures that fail their save can make another attempt to Recall Knowledge about you, but they must wait 24 hours to do so.

You can spend 1 hour using blacksmithing tools to bind a helpless Medium humanoid inside the suit, which welds the suit shut and makes it impossible to remove without breaking it (Hardness 9, HP 36, BT 18). The humanoid inside the suit counts as being Invested while bound in this fashion and can't break out of the suit on its own. If the suit is welded shut, the creature gains the benefits above but also the following penalties: Whenever the humanoid attempts a Deception, Diplomacy, Intimidation, or Performance check, they must roll twice and use the worse result. Additionally, creatures the humanoid encounters have an initial attitude toward them of one degree worse than they normally would (for instance, unfriendly instead of indifferent). Good creatures are enfeebled 2 while carrying, wielding, or wearing this item crafted by the sea-witches.

Craft Requirements Supply a casting of nondetection and outcast's curse.