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Unleash Psyche [free-action]

Source Dark Archive pg. 12
Trigger Your turn begins.
Requirements You're in an encounter, you Cast a Spell on your previous turn, and you aren't stupefied.
You call on the depths of your mind and let psychic power flood through. Your Psyche remains Unleashed for 2 rounds or until your fall unconscious, whichever comes first. You can't voluntarily quell your unleashed psyche. While your Psyche is Unleashed, the following effects occur.
  • You're constantly surrounded by the visual manifestation of your psychic magic.
  • When you cast a damaging spell, you gain a status bonus to its damage equal to double the spell's level. This applies only to spells that don't have a duration and that you cast using psychic spellcasting.
  • You can use actions that have the psyche trait.
After your unleashed psyche subsides, your mind must recover from the strain of channeling its full power. You can't use Unleash Psyche again for 2 rounds, and you're stupefied 1 for 2 rounds.