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Stolen Fate Backgrounds

You can select any background you choose for your character, as destined adventurers come from all walks of life. Some of the best thematic choices for backgrounds in the Core Rulebook include emissary, fortune teller, nomad, scholar, and scout. The six new backgrounds on the following pages are also available for characters in the Stolen Fate Player's Guide.

Each of these rare backgrounds are tailor made to match the themes of this Adventure Path but are also all linked to one of the six suits of the harrow and grant you an additional way to manipulate your destiny by using a special free action to guide your fate. These free actions have you, the player, draw a random harrow card to determine the potency of your fate, but for your character, the free action happens in the space of a blink of an eye—your PC need not actually draw a card (or even have a harrow deck at hand) to use these free actions.

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