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PFS StandardFey

Legacy Content

Source Core Rulebook pg. 197 4.0
Fey whimsy or a tryst in a moonlit grove put the bewitching magic of the First World into your family’s bloodline.

Spell List primal
Bloodline Skills Deception, Nature
Granted Spells cantrip: ghost sound, 1st: charm, 2nd: hideous laughter, 3rd: enthrall, 4th: suggestion, 5th: cloak of colors, 6th: mislead, 7th: visions of danger, 8th: uncontrollable dance, 9th: resplendent mansion
Bloodline Spells initial: faerie dust, advanced: fey disappearance, greater: fey glamour
Blood Magic Colorful fey glamours dance around you or one target, causing them to be concealed for 1 round. Such obvious concealment can’t be used to Hide.