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Source Core Rulebook pg. 440
In a world where the gods demonstrably exist, few people uphold a strictly atheistic or agnostic worldview; that is, a belief that there are no gods, or that the existence of gods is unknowable. However, a good number of people choose not to worship any deities whatsoever. Many do so because of the value they place on freedom—not being beholden to a deity means no limitations, no censure, no anathema, and no strictures. While this decision might sound amoral to some, for atheists, it can be motivated by a desire for autonomy and the right to choose one’s own fate.

Some atheists feel no particular interest toward any of the gods or the divine in general. As a result, they find the thought of worship pointless and unappealing, a waste of time for both the god and the atheist. While these atheists are most likely to be tolerant of the gods and religion in general, they often chafe at efforts to convert them, seeing such overtures as societal pressure to pretend there is faith where truthfully there is none.

Edicts pursue your own agenda with faith in your own ability to excel
Anathema offer prayers to a deity
Follower Alignments all