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PFS StandardUvuko (The Diamond Ring)

Legacy Content

Source The Mwangi Expanse pg. 142 2.0
The god Uvuko dances across the land, his body forming the boundary between earth and sky. His twisting tail churns the air into clouds, his creations spreading water to all those who thirst. His sliding scales till the earth, bringing forth plants that are nourished by Uvuko's rains. The worship of Uvuko is widespread in the Mwangi Expanse, found among many lizardfolk tribes, Mbe'ke and Taralu dwarves, and in the more cosmopolitan cities.

Category Mwangi Gods
Edicts embrace change and the future, master adversity with flexibility, foster freedom and progress for others
Anathema allow yourself and your surroundings to stagnate, crush an egg, use vile or cruel language
Areas of Concern metamorphosis, cycles, growth, fertility
Follower Alignments NG, CG, N, CN
Pantheons Hearth and Harvest, Sky Keepers

Devotee Benefits

Divine Ability Strength or Wisdom
Divine Font heal
Divine Sanctification can choose holy [Nethys Note: Generated per Remaster Compatibility FAQ]
Divine Skill Athletics
Favored Weapon maul
Domains change, creation, healing, wyrmkin
Alternate Domains air, cold
Cleric Spells 1st: fleet step, 3rd: haste, 6th: dragon form