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PFS StandardAir Domain

Legacy Content

Source Core Rulebook pg. 441 4.0
Deities Apollyon, Baalzebul, Ghlaunder, Hei Feng, Horus, Hshurha, Pazuzu, Ragdya, Ranginori, Sky Keepers, Sturovenen, Uvuko, Yelayne, Ylimancha
Domain Spell Pushing Gust; Advanced Domain Spell Disperse into Air
You can control winds and the weather.

Apocryphal Domain Spells

Source Dark Archive pg. 142
Not all clerical traditions are taught among the orthodoxy. Some are whispered in secret, passed down from a priest to trusted acolytes or scribed in tomes left behind by splinter factions. Some apocryphal spells are considered heretical and suppressed, but others have fallen out of use or are specific to a region or sect. These apocryphal spells usually rely on more abstract associations between divine power and a certain effect than those seen in orthodox ones.

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Apocryphal Domain Spell —; Advanced Domain Spell Wind Whispers