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Siege Weapons

Source Guns & Gears pg. 72
There are two categories of siege weapons: mounted and portable. Mounted siege weapons take up a certain size and space, typically have defensive statistics, and are used for large-scale warfare. More adaptable are portable siege weapons, such as battering rams, which can be carried more easily and can serve a valuable role during large-scale warfare, smaller conflicts, or even exploration.

All siege weapons need more than one person to operate them, working together as a crew. These crew members all need to be adjacent to the siege weapon for it to operate. A siege weapon's stat block lists the minimum number needed and the maximum crew size. Adding additional crew beyond the minimum is useful for ensuring a quick and successful Load in uncertain conditions and allowing for enough time to Aim the siege weapon when firing at a moving target.

Black Powder Siege Weapons

The advent of black powder is beginning to offer a new sort of weapon to warriors in Golarion, one that isn't dependent on the physical strength of the wielder. Siege weapons like ballistae and trebuchets create tremendous force at a distance with the efforts of multiple operators, allowing for destructive power to rival even mighty spellcasters. Black powder siege weapons take the potential of such machines of war and amplify it to the next level, adding explosive power to the cooperative efforts of the crew. In addition to the force of the black powder ignition itself, black powder siege weapons are able to funnel and direct the energy through a reinforced barrel or muzzle in ways torsion and counterweights cannot, increasing the accuracy, range, and impact of the weapon.

Siege weapons of all kinds operate largely the same way whether they incorporate black powder in their design or not. The Aiming, Loading, Launching, and Move Siege Weapon actions are all identical to the rules found here. The most notable change is the chance of misfire; just like a firearm, improper use, inadequate cleaning, and a number of other factors can lead to deficiencies in a piece of artillery. The construction of the weapons and ammunition are also more expensive and harder to find due to the more advanced makeup. More details on black powder siege weapons can be found here.

Click here for the full rules on Siege Weapons.

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