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PFS StandardTripodItem 0

Source Guns & Gears pg. 179
Price 2 sp
Hands 2; Bulk 1
Tripods are designed for use with kickback weapons, as a way for gunslingers with lower strength to accurately use these more powerful weapons by sacrificing mobility instead. They can be set up and attached to a firearm with a single Interact action using one hand, setting the tripod in your square. While this sturdy piece of engineering is in use, you don't take the –2 penalty for firing a kickback weapon, even if your Strength isn't high enough to avoid the penalty. However, you must retrieve the tripod with a single Interact action before you can move the firearm to a different position. Normally, when you're hidden or undetected, you become observed if you do anything except Hide, Sneak, or Step. However, deploying or retrieving a tripod with an Interact action doesn't automatically make you observed, so long as you don't set up or remove the tripod when it's in a spot where creatures can see the tripod itself.