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PFS StandardThrowing ShieldItem 1

Uncommon Adjustment 
Source Knights of Lastwall pg. 87
Price 5 gp
Usage applied to a buckler or shield
Access Knights of Lastwall have access to this item.
These special straps and weightings fit over a shield or buckler, but not a tower shield. They are designed to let you doff and throw the shield in one swift movement. You can quickly remove the shield by spending a free action as part of the Strike to throw the shield. When thrown in this way, the shield is a martial thrown weapon that deals 1d6 bludgeoning damage and has the thrown 20 feet trait. A shield with the throwing shield attachment can't have any attached weapons, such as shield spikes or a shield boss, and the adjustments to make it more aerodynamic make it slightly less sturdy, reducing its Hardness by 1.