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DragonhideItem 8+

Source Core Rulebook pg. 579

The hide and scales of a dragon can be used to Craft any item normally made of ordinary leather or hide. Dragonhide varies in color from blue to glittering gold, depending on the dragon it came from. Due to the scales’ resiliency, it can also be used to Craft armor usually made out of metal plates (such as a breastplate, half plate, and full plate), allowing such armor to be made without metal. Dragonhide objects are immune to one damage type, depending on the type of dragon.

Dragonhide Resistance

Dragon TypeResistance
Black or copperAcid
Blue or bronzeElectricity
Brass, gold, or redFire
Silver or whiteCold

Dragonhide Items

Dragonhide ItemsHardnessHPBT
Thin Items

Dragonhide Object (Standard-Grade)Item 8

Source Core Rulebook pg. 579
Level 8; Price 350 gp (per Bulk)

Dragonhide Object (High-Grade)Item 16

Source Core Rulebook pg. 579
Level 16; Price 6,000 gp (per Bulk)