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MithralItem 0+

Legacy Content

Uncommon Precious 
Source Core Rulebook pg. 579 4.0
Mithral is renowned for its lightness, durability, and effectiveness against a range of creatures including devils and lycanthropes. It has the same sheen as silver but a slightly lighter hue. Mithral weapons and armor are treated as if they were silver for the purpose of damaging creatures with weakness to silver. A metal item made of mithral is lighter than one made of iron or steel: the item’s Bulk is reduced by 1 (reduced to light Bulk if its normal Bulk is 1, with no effect on an item that normally has light Bulk). The Price of an item made of this material is based on the item’s normal Bulk, not its reduced Bulk for being made of mithral, but reduce the Bulk before making any further Bulk adjustments for the size of the item.

Mithral Items

Mithral ItemsHardnessHPBT
Thin Items

Material Uses

Mithral Armor
Mithral Shield
Mithral Weapon

PFS StandardMithral ChunkItem 0

Source Core Rulebook pg. 579 4.0
Price 500 gp
Bulk L

PFS StandardMithral IngotItem 0

Source Core Rulebook pg. 579 4.0
Price 5,000 gp
Bulk 1

PFS StandardMithral Object (Standard-Grade)Item 8

Source Core Rulebook pg. 579 4.0
Price 350 gp (per Bulk)

PFS StandardMithral Object (High-Grade)Item 16

Source Core Rulebook pg. 579 4.0
Price 6,000 gp (per Bulk)