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StrikingItem 4+

Source Core Rulebook pg. 581 2.0
Usage etched onto a weapon
A striking rune stores destructive magic in the weapon, increasing the weapon damage dice it deals to two instead of one. For instance, a +1 striking dagger would deal 2d4 damage instead of 1d4 damage.

You can upgrade the striking rune already etched on a weapon to a stronger version, increasing the values of the existing rune to those of the new rune. You must have the formula of the stronger rune to do so, and the Price of the upgrade is the difference between the two runes’ Prices.

PFS StandardStrikingItem 4

Source Core Rulebook pg. 581 2.0
Price 65 gp

PFS StandardStriking (Greater)Item 12

Source Core Rulebook pg. 581 2.0
Price 1,065 gp
The weapon deals three weapon damage dice.

PFS StandardStriking (Major)Item 19

Source Core Rulebook pg. 581 2.0
Price 31,065 gp
The weapon deals four weapon damage dice.