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Choker of ElocutionItem 6+

Source Core Rulebook pg. 608 2.0
Usage worn collar; Bulk L
This platinum choker bears characters from a language’s alphabet, and it gives knowledge of that language and the associated culture’s customs. You gain a +1 item bonus to Society checks and the ability to understand, speak, and write the chosen language. Your excellent elocution reduces the DC of the flat check to perform an auditory action while deafened from 5 to 3.

Craft Requirements You know the language or languages the choker grants.

PFS StandardChoker of ElocutionItem 6

Source Core Rulebook pg. 608 2.0
Price 200 gp
Bulk L

PFS StandardChoker of Elocution (Greater)Item 10

Source Core Rulebook pg. 608 2.0
Price 850 gp
Bulk L
The item bonus is +2. The choker bears characters from three languages and grants fluency in all three.