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Planar RibbonItem 20

Source Pathfinder #156: The Apocalypse Prophet pg. 75
Price 60,000 gp
Usage held in 1 hand; Bulk L
By twisting and twirling this ordinary-looking leather ribbon, you can temporarily bend a rift in space.

Activate 1 minute (command, envision, Interact); Effect The ribbon spins and swirls, creating a circular loop in the air through which you can spy on a creature on another plane. This has the effects of a scrying spell (DC 40) against the creature but functions more as a mundane —albeit interplanar—window; a similar loop appears before the target, and for the duration, both sides can clearly see and hear each other through the created portal, but nothing can pass through. You can Sustain the Activation to gain the effects of Sustaining the Spell. This activation has the scrying trait.

Activate Single ActionSingle Action Interact; Frequency once per round; Effect You extend the ribbon to brush against a foe up to 60 feet away. If that creature fails a DC 42 Reflex save, you exchange positions with the target and all of that creature's allies are flat-footed to you until the end of your turn. This activation has the teleportation trait.