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PFS StandardParty Crasher Feat 7

Source Advanced Player's Guide pg. 167
Archetype Dandy
Prerequisites Dandy Dedication; master in Society

You attend all the fashionable society parties, no matter how exclusive they might be. Any time you encounter a social event you would ordinarily be denied access to, such as a coronation, royal gala, or other society function, you can spend 1d4 hours to secure entry without the need for a skill check. You find invitations, invitees looking for fashionable dates, temporary jobs with the caterers, event staff willing to look the other way, or some other mode of access for yourself and your allies. This ability doesn't apply to secret events or other small private gatherings with no staff, dates, or outsiders involved.



This feat belongs to an archetype.


A general feat with the skill trait improves your skills and their actions or gives you new actions for a skill. A feat with this trait can be selected when a class grants a skill feat or general feat. Archetype feats with the skill trait can be selected in place of a skill feat if you have that archetype's dedication feat.