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PFS LimitedRead the Stars Feat 9

Source Ancestry Guide pg. 47 2.0
Prerequisites trained in Occultism or Astrology Lore

You're incredibly skilled in iruxi astrology, and you can gain useful (if cryptic) hints from the stars' alignment. Once per night, if you can clearly see the stars, you can spend 1 hour reading the heavens to see how they relate to a particular goal, event, or activity that will occur within 1 week. The GM rolls a secret check, either a DC 28 Astrology Lore check or a DC 32 Occultism check. On a success, you learn a cryptic clue or piece of advice that could help with the chosen event, and on a critical failure, you learn a misleading cryptic clue or piece of advice.



These reptilian humanoids, also known as iruxi, are extremely adaptable and patient.