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PFS StandardMiresoul Feat 1

Source Ancestry Guide pg. 106

You have a connection to the muddier denizens of the Plane of Earth from its border with the Plane of Water, and your elemental lineage manifests as clay or mud, reflecting that bond. Your body's mudlike quality makes it easy for you to compress and squeeze yourself through smaller areas. You gain the trained proficiency rank in Acrobatics. If you would automatically become trained in Acrobatics (from your background or class, for example), you instead become trained in a skill of your choice. You gain the Quick Squeeze skill feat.



A feat with this trait indicates a character's descendance from a particular type of creature. You can have only one lineage feat. You can select a lineage feat only at 1st level, and you can't retrain into or out of these feats.


Oreads are planar scions descended from shaitans.