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PFS StandardMistsoul Feat 1

Source Ancestry Guide pg. 118

You have a connection to vaporous forms of water, such as fog and mist. You gain the Mist Blending reaction.

Mist Blending ReactionReaction (undine) Trigger A creature attempts a flat check to target you because you're concealed or hidden due to fog, haze, mist, or smoke; Effect You shroud yourself in mist, making it harder for your foe to hit you. If you're concealed, the DC of the flat check increases from 5 to 7; if you're hidden, it increases from 11 to 13.



A feat with this trait indicates a character's descendance from a particular type of creature. You can have only one lineage feat. You can select a lineage feat only at 1st level, and you can't retrain into or out of these feats.


Undines are planar scions descended from marids.