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PFS StandardCeremony of the Evened Hand Feat 1

Source The Mwangi Expanse pg. 108 2.0

You have cultivated your exoskeleton's form for close combat, using knots, whorls, and reinforced branches. When you select this feat, you gain a claws unarmed attack that deals 1d4 slashing damage and has the agile and finesse traits or a branch unarmed attack that deals 1d6 bludgeoning damage and has the backswing trait. Each of these unarmed attacks is in the brawling weapon group and uses one of your hands.

Special You can select this feat twice, choosing the other unarmed attack the second time you take it.

Ceremony of the Evened Hand Leads To...

Ceremony of the Strengthened Hand



A people that are made of cosmic force given consciousness and housed within unique exoskeletons. Conrasus craft and use these weapons.