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PFS StandardConsolidated Overlay Panopticon [one-action] Feat 4

Source Impossible Lands pg. 109
Archetype Shieldmarshal
Frequency once per hour
Prerequisites Shieldmarshal Dedication

You volunteered for a controversial experimental procedure to install clockwork prosthetic eyes. These eyes relay what you see to shieldmarshal headquarters, which consolidates and analyzes environmental data—Bronzetime/Surgetime probabilities, pressure, temperature, wind, and so on—and feeds them back to you. The Ironmaster periodically reviews the information archives in their ongoing efforts to root out police corruption. When you use your Consolidated Overlay Panopticon, you supercharge the prosthetic eyes; for the next minute, you gain darkvision and low-light vision, and you gain a +1 status bonus to visual Perception checks. Even when the prosthetic eyes aren't supercharged, you retain your normal vision.



This feat belongs to an archetype.