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PFS StandardPirouette [reaction] Feat 6

Rare Bard Rogue Swashbuckler 
Source Impossible Lands pg. 126
Prerequisites Masquerade of Seasons Stance
Trigger An enemy targets you with a Strike.
Requirements You're in Masquerade of Seasons Stance.

You twirl gracefully, spinning on one foot to evade your opponent's attack. You gain a +2 circumstance bonus to AC against the triggering attack. If the attack misses you, you can immediately Step. If the attack hits you anyway, reduce the damage it deals by an amount equal to half your level; this reduction in damage is applied after calculating immunities, resistances, and weakness.



This rarity indicates that a rules element is very difficult to find in the game world. A rare feat, spell, item or the like is available to players only if the GM decides to include it in the game, typically through discovery during play. Creatures with this trait are rare. They typically can't be summoned. The DC of Recall Knowledge checks related to these creatures is increased by 5.