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Monk Feats

Every level at which you gain a Monk feat, select one of the following feats. You must satisfy any prerequisites before taking the feat.

Monk Unarmed Attacks

Some monk stances allow you to make special unarmed attacks while in those stances. These attacks are summarized here.

Crane Wing1d6 BBrawlingAgile, Finesse, Nonlethal, Unarmed
Dragon Tail1d10 BBrawlingBackswing, Nonlethal, Unarmed
Falling Stone1d8 BBrawlingForceful, Nonlethal, Unarmed
Fire Talon1d4 FBrawlingAgile, Finesse, Fire, Nonlethal, Unarmed
Iron Sweep1d8 BBrawlingNonlethal, Parry, Sweep, Unarmed
Lashing Branch1d8 SBrawlingAgile, Finesse, Nonlethal, Unarmed
Tiger Claw1d8 SBrawlingAgile, Finesse, Nonlethal, Unarmed
Wind Crash1d6 SBrawlingAgile, Nonlethal, Propulsive, Unarmed
Wolf Jaw1d8 PBrawlingAgile, Backstabber, Finesse, Nonlethal, Unarmed

PFS StandardCrane Stance1Monk, StanceYou enter the stance of a crane, holding your arms in an imitation of a crane’s wings.
PFS StandardDragon Stance1Monk, StanceYou enter the stance of a dragon and make powerful leg strikes like a lashing dragon’s tail.
PFS StandardKi Rush1MonkYou can use ki to move with extraordinary speed and make yourself harder to hit.
PFS StandardKi Strike1MonkYour study of the flow of mystical energy allows you to harness it into your physical strikes.
PFS StandardMonastic Weaponry1MonkYou have trained with the traditional weaponry of your monastery or school.
PFS StandardMountain Stance1Monk, StanceYou enter the stance of an implacable mountain allowing you to strike with the weight of an avalanche.
PFS LimitedRain of Embers Stance1Monk, Rare, StanceYou enter the stance of an enraged phoenix.
PFS StandardTiger Stance1Monk, StanceYou enter the stance of a tiger and can make tiger claw attacks.
PFS StandardWolf Stance1Monk, StanceYou enter the stance of a wolf, low to the ground with your hands held like fanged teeth.
PFS StandardBrawling Focus2MonkYou know how to make the most of your attacks when fighting hand-to-hand.
PFS StandardCrushing Grab2MonkLike a powerful constrictor, you crush targets in your unyielding grasp.
PFS StandardDancing Leaf2MonkYou are as light as a leaf whirling in the breeze.
PFS StandardElemental Fist2MonkKi StrikeYou call upon the power of the elements, infusing your ki with elemental energy and allowing your attacks to deal energy damage.
PFS StandardStunning Fist2MonkFlurry of BlowsThe focused power of your flurry threatens to overwhelm your opponent.
PFS StandardDeflect Arrows4MonkYour reflexes allow you to deflect ranged attacks.
PFS StandardFlurry of Maneuvers4Monkexpert in AthleticsYou flurry is a combination of maneuvers.
PFS StandardFlying Kick4MonkYou launch yourself at a foe.
PFS StandardGuarded Movement4MonkYour guard is up, even while moving.
PFS StandardSacred Ki4MonkKi Strike, you follow a deityThe power of your faith suffuses your ki
PFS StandardStand Still4MonkYou strike out when your foe tries to flee.
PFS StandardWholeness of Body4Monkki spellsYou can restore your health by tapping into your ki.
PFS StandardAbundant Step6Monkincredible movement, ki spellsYou can teleport yourself a short distance.
PFS StandardCrane Flutter6MonkCrane StanceYou interpose your arm between yourself and your opponent.
PFS StandardDragon Roar6Monk, Auditory, Emotion, Fear, MentalDragon StanceYou bellow, instilling fear in your enemies.
PFS StandardKi Blast6Monkki spellsYou can unleash an impactful cone of force by channeling your ki.
PFS StandardMountain Stronghold6MonkMountain StanceYou focus on your connection to the earth and call upon the mountain to block attacks against you.
PFS StandardTiger Slash6MonkTiger StanceYou make a fierce swipe with both hands.
PFS StandardWater Step6MonkYou can Stride across liquid and surfaces that don’t support your weight.
PFS StandardWhirling Throw6MonkYou propel your grabbed or restrained foe a great distance.
PFS StandardWolf Drag6MonkWolf StanceYou rip your enemy off their feet.
PFS StandardArrow Snatching 8MonkDeflect ArrowYou pluck missiles from the air and hurl them back at their source.
PFS StandardIronblood Stance8Monk, StanceYou enter the stance of impenetrable iron, refusing to yield to any blow.
PFS StandardMixed Maneuver8Monkmaster in AthleticsYou combine two different maneuvers together into a single flowing whole.
PFS StandardTangled Forest Stance8Monk, StanceYou extend your arms like gnarled branches to interfere with your foes’ movements.
PFS StandardWall Run8MonkYou defy gravity, traversing vertical planes as easily as the ground.
PFS StandardWild Winds Initiate8Monkki spellsYou learn a mystical stance that lets you attack from a distance.
PFS StandardKnockback Strike10Monk, ConcentrateYou focus your strength into a blow powerful enough to push an enemy away from you.
PFS StandardSleeper Hold10Monk, Attack, IncapacitationYou pinch crucial points of your target’s nervous system, impeding its ability to function.
PFS StandardWind Jump10Monkki spellsYou gather the wind beneath you, allowing you to soar as you jump.
PFS StandardWinding Flow10MonkAny journey consists of more than simply reaching your destination.
PFS StandardDiamond Soul12MonkYou have fortified your body and mind against eldritch effects.
PFS StandardDisrupt Ki12Monk, NegativeYour strike can block a creature's inner life force.
PFS StandardImproved Knockback12Monkmaster in AthleticsYour shoves cause the target to go farther.
PFS StandardMeditative Focus12Monkki spellsYour meditation is so effective that you can achieve a deep focus.
PFS StandardStance Savant (Monk)12MonkYou enter a stance without a thought.
PFS StandardIronblood Surge14MonkIronblood StanceYou steel yourself, preparing to resist oncoming attacks and using your muscles to absorb the impact.
PFS StandardMountain Quake14MonkMountain StrongholdYou stomp, shaking the earth beneath you and causing quakes.
PFS StandardTangled Forest Rake14MonkTangled Forest StanceYou reposition foes with raking attacks.
PFS StandardTimeless Body14MonkYou cease aging.
PFS StandardTongue of the Sun and Moon14MonkYou have transcended the barriers between words and meaning.
PFS StandardWild Winds Gust14Monk, Air, Concentrate, Evocation, ManipulateWild Winds InitiateYou store up energy and release it in an enormous gust of rushing wind.
PFS StandardEnlightened Presence16Monk, Emotion, MentalYou exude an aura of resolve.
PFS StandardMaster of Many Styles16MonkStance SavantYou move between stances in an unceasing dance.
PFS StandardQuivering Palm16Monkki spellsYour strikes can kill foes.
PFS StandardShattering Strike16MonkThe force of your considered blow shatters objects and defenses alike.
PFS StandardDiamond Fists18MonkYour body hardens as you combine your attacks, making your finishing blows more damaging.
PFS StandardEmpty Body18Monkki spellsYou transmute your body into an ethereal form.
PFS StandardMeditative Wellspring18MonkMeditative FocusWhen you clear your mind, your focus comes flowing back in a powerful rush.
PFS StandardSwift River18MonkYou flow like water, avoiding all restraints.
Endurance of the Rooted Tree20Monk, UncommonWholeness of BodyJust as the Vale of Aroden retains light and life despite inhospitable surroundings, you can sustain yourself regardless of your environment.
PFS StandardEnduring Quickness20MonkYou move as fast and as high as the wind itself.
PFS StandardFuse Stance20Monkat least two stancesYou have combined two stances into a single stance all your own.
Golden Body20Monk, UncommonStrike harder and heal more rapidly.
PFS StandardImpossible Technique20Monk, FortuneYou execute a maneuver that defies possibility.