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Spell PitchersHazard 1

Source Impossible Lands pg. 232
Complexity Simple
Stealth DC 20 (trained) to recognize the plant among others
Description A large pitcher plant occupying a 5-foot space sits seemingly dormant with its dull petals open.
Disable DC 15 Arcana (trained) to safely trigger the plant's reflexes, causing it to close and become dormant for one day, or DC 17 Nature (trained) to carefully coax the pitcher into quiescence
AC 16, Fort +11, Ref +5
HP 40 (BT 20); Immunities mental, Weaknesses slashing 10
Devour Magic [reaction] Trigger A spell's direct line of effect passes within a 5-foot-radius of the plant; Effect The pitcher attempts to counteract the spell (counteract level 1, counteract modifier +10). On a success, the pitcher immediately consumes the spell as it passes over the plant.
Reset Once the pitcher has eaten a spell, its petals turn dark pink and green before it closes. It goes dormant for one day per spell level of the spell consumed. Once the pitcher finishes digesting, it opens again and slowly wilts. A second pitcher branches into an adjacent square when the first pitcher opens again.