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ShriekerHazard -1

Source Gamemastery Guide pg. 77
Complexity Simple
Stealth DC 12
Description This human-sized purple mushroom emits a piercing shriek when disturbed.
Disable DC 18 Survival to carefully approach and cut the mushroom’s air sac without triggering the shrieker
AC 12, Fort +8, Ref +2
HP 9; Immunities critical hits, object immunities, precision damage
Shriek ReactionReaction Trigger A creature or light source approaches within 10 feet of the shrieker or the shrieker takes damage; Effect The shrieker emits a deafening screech that deals 1d6 sonic damage to creatures within 30 feet (DC 16 basic Fortitude save; creatures that critically fail this saving throw are deafened for 1 minute).
Reset 1 minute