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Agitated Carnivorous PlantsHazard 5

Source Pathfinder #170: Spoken on the Song Wind pg. 36
Complexity Simple
Stealth DC 20 (trained)
Description Many carnivorous plants that were once kept satiated now hunger for any meat they can get, even lashing out onto the path to get it.
Disable DC 25 Survival (trained) to distract or trick the plants or DC 22 Nature (expert) to calm the plants
AC 20, Fort +17, Ref +9
HP 60 (BT 30); Immunities mental, Weaknesses acid 10, fire 10, slashing 10
Trapping Vines ReactionReaction Trigger A creature moves within reach of the carnivorous plants' vines; Effect The vines wrap around the triggering creature. The creature must succeed at a DC 22 Reflex save or be grabbed until it Escapes (DC 22). Whether or not the creature is grabbed, the plants make a gnawing plants Strike against the creature.

Melee Single ActionSingle Action gnawing plants +17, Damage 8d4+12 piecing