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Source Gamemastery Guide pg. 226
A broad category that includes those wielding arms, spells, or even guile and cunning, mercenaries hire themselves and their expertise to those with the gold to pay for it.


Bodyguard (Creature 1), Bounty Hunter (Creature 4), Mage for Hire (Creature 3), Monster Hunter (Creature 6)

Sidebar - Advice and Rules Bribing Mercenaries

Unless a mercenary prides themself on their name or reputation, the PCs might be able to bribe them to switch sides, or at least stand aside. You can estimate a bribe by taking roughly 5% of the Party Currency value from the row corresponding to the NPC's level on Table 10–9.

Sidebar - Additional Lore Mercenary Banter

Here's some parlance commonly used by mercenaries.

Crackster: Someone adept at breaking locks or safes.
Diving: Theft or smuggling below ground, often through tunnels.
Foxing: To play at being asleep, usually for an ambush.
Medic: A healer.
Ram: A hard-hitting warrior.
Slinger: A spellcaster.
Sway of Coin: Swearing allegiance to whoever pays the most.
Waterline: A mercenary troupe's money: “Take time in town while the waterline's high, everyone.”
Whisperstep: Anyone who can move stealthily.