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Creature Families

Source Bestiary
Many creatures are part of a larger group and share some common qualities.


Source Absalom, City of Lost Omens pg. 396
Azarketis, also known as Low Azlanti or gillmen, can be found all over Golarion, with a particularly high concentration around Absalom and the Inner Sea. (click to see full entry)


Azarketi Crab Catcher (Creature 0), Azarketi Sailor (Creature 2), Azarketi Tide Tamer (Creature 7)


Source Gamemastery Guide pg. 206
Though adventurers travel through perilous dungeons and across treacherous wilderness, sometimes the most dangerous place they can end up is in a noble court.


Advisor (Creature 5), Noble (Creature 3), Palace Guard (Creature 4), Spy (Creature 6)


Source Gamemastery Guide pg. 208
Some criminals are the desperate who have no option but to break the law to survive, while others choose a life of crime for thrills, forming gangs or underworld guilds that specialize in certain illegal ventures.


Assassin (Creature 8), Bandit (Creature 2), Burglar (Creature 4), Charlatan (Creature 3), Fence (Creature 5), Grave Robber (Creature 1), Ruffian (Creature 2)


Source Gamemastery Guide pg. 212
Religions inspire devout individuals to uphold their tenets. Many of these devotees seek to bring respite and hope, but others have darker motives.


Acolyte of Nethys (Creature 1), Priest of Pharasma (Creature 6), Prophet (Creature 2), Zealot of Asmodeus (Creature 4)


Source Gamemastery Guide pg. 214
Unfortunately, every society has people living on its fringes. While good communities work to grant aid and respite to their downtrodden, sometimes—due to economic downturn, famine, or war—the ranks of the less fortunate exceed the community's capacity to support them. (click to see full entry)


Beggar (Creature -1), Commoner (Creature -1), Prisoner (Creature 1), Urchin (Creature -1)


Source Gamemastery Guide pg. 216
The world is a wide, open place fraught with peril and adventure. Explorers use their knowledge of nature and survival skills to see every corner of the land.


Chronicler (Creature 3), Guide (Creature 4), Tomb Raider (Creature 5), Torchbearer (Creature 0)


Source Character Guide pg. 118 2.0
Not all factions have central bases of operation or organized hierarchies of command. The loosely affiliated freedom fighters, swashbuckling heroes, and entertainers known as the Firebrands are one such group. (click to see full entry)


Charming Scoundrel (Creature 4), Privateer Captain (Creature 11)


Source Gamemastery Guide pg. 218
From the managed and cultivated forests that support villages to the tree-covered crown lands where only nobles and their servants are permitted to hunt, forests provide. To communities, forests provide fuel, food, medicine, and raw materials, while royally protected forests provide food for the nobles' table and a source of entertainment in the form of organized hunts. (click to see full entry)


Hunter (Creature 7), Poacher (Creature 2), Tracker (Creature 3)


Source Gamemastery Guide pg. 220
The world is a dangerous place. Thankfully, there are those who devote their lives to easing the pain and suffering of others.


Apothecary (Creature -1), Physician (Creature -1), Plague Doctor (Creature 5), Surgeon (Creature 2)


Source Character Guide pg. 120 2.0
Several different orders of the mercenaries known collectively as Hellknights operate in Avistan, with most of their number stationed in the nation of Cheliax. These mercenaries see the law of the land as inviolate and offer their services as enforcers to any who can pay their prices. (click to see full entry)


Hellknight Armiger (Creature 4), Hellknight Paravicar (Creature 11)

Knights of Lastwall

Source Character Guide pg. 122 2.0
For centuries, the nation of Lastwall stood as a bulwark against the orcs of Belkzen and the lingering threat of the Whispering Tyrant. But when the Whispering Tyrant escaped his prison, he brought to his enemies in Lastwall a devastating apocalypse. (click to see full entry)


Veteran Reclaimer (Creature 11), Virtuous Defender (Creature 4)


Source Gamemastery Guide pg. 222
Every day, laborers perform backbreaking physical work.


Dockhand (Creature 0), Farmer (Creature 0), Gravedigger (Creature 1), Miner (Creature 0), Servant (Creature -1)

Magaambyan Adepts

Source Character Guide pg. 124 2.0
Golarion reeled from the disaster of Earthfall, and its peoples took long to recover. But recover they did, and one of the first institutions to rise from the ashes of near destruction was the Magaambya, an academy of arcane learning founded by the legendary wizard known as Old- Mage Jatembe. (click to see full entry)


Rain-Scribe (Creature 4), Tempest-Sun Mage (Creature 11)


Source Gamemastery Guide pg. 224
Magistrates are the cogs and gears that keep bureaucracy running, moving the machine along under the inertia of the status quo.


Harbormaster (Creature 3), Judge (Creature -1), Tax Collector (Creature -1), Warden (Creature 6)


Source Gamemastery Guide pg. 226
A broad category that includes those wielding arms, spells, or even guile and cunning, mercenaries hire themselves and their expertise to those with the gold to pay for it.


Bodyguard (Creature 1), Bounty Hunter (Creature 4), Mage for Hire (Creature 3), Monster Hunter (Creature 6)


Source Gamemastery Guide pg. 228
Those initiated into the hidden truths and forbidden secrets of the world are forever transformed—or so they claim. To the cynical, a mystic is nothing more than a charlatan or zealot. (click to see full entry)


Adept (Creature -1), Cult Leader (Creature 7), Cultist (Creature 1), Demonologist (Creature 7), False Priest (Creature 4), Harrow Reader (Creature -1), Necromancer (Creature 5)


Source Gamemastery Guide pg. 232
Larger societies rely on those with the authority and the ability to interpret and enforce laws. In good-aligned societies, these officials carry out their duties fairly. (click to see full entry)


Archer Sentry (Creature 2), Barrister (Creature -1), Captain of the Guard (Creature 6), Executioner (Creature 6), Guard (Creature 1), Jailer (Creature 3), Watch Officer (Creature 3)


Source Character Guide pg. 126 2.0
Many of the greatest explorers and adventurers of the modern age have recorded their discoveries in an ongoing series of chapbooks known as the Pathfinder Chronicles, published irregularly by the Pathfinder Society itself. This diverse group is devoted to exploring the world, supporting its agents in the field, and ensuring the discoveries they make are documented. (click to see full entry)


Pathfinder Field Agent (Creature 4), Pathfinder Venture-Captain (Creature 11)


Source Gamemastery Guide pg. 236
Performances can serve as entertainment, expressions of beauty, or part of a shared culture.


Acrobat (Creature 2), Beast Tamer (Creature 4), Dancer (Creature 1), Troubadour (Creature 3)


Source Gamemastery Guide pg. 238
Countless adventures begin in a tavern or a pub. Maybe it's because such places attract the risk-prone, or maybe it's because everyone needs a little liquid courage before they decide to take on a group of rampaging ogres.


Barkeep (Creature 1), Drunkard (Creature 2), Innkeeper (Creature 1), Server (Creature -1)


Source Gamemastery Guide pg. 240
True power comes from knowledge: the power to shape the growth of kingdoms by mere whispers, staying three steps ahead of adversaries, or even knowing which flora is best for creating untraceable poisons.


Astronomer (Creature 2), Librarian (Creature -1), Sage (Creature 6), Teacher (Creature -1)


Source Gamemastery Guide pg. 242
Adventurers may need passage on a swift vessel, or they might face danger from raiders at sea or in coastal settlements.


Bosun (Creature 3), Navigator (Creature 2), Pirate (Creature 2), Ship Captain (Creature 6)

Threshold of Knowledge Pregenerated Characters

Source Threshold of Knowledge pg. 11
Pregenerated characters for the Threshold of Knowledge adventure.


Ekene (Creature 1), Kalaggi Nakutu (Creature 1), Muruwa (Creature 1), Ufi (Creature 1), Zane Ikundi (Creature 1)


Source Gamemastery Guide pg. 244
Every settlement needs tradespeople to create new products, facilitate commerce, and keep the infrastructure from crumbling. Larger cities often have entire guilds dedicated to the creation of specific goods, managing worker conditions, and working with local governments.


Apprentice (Creature -1), Guildmaster (Creature 8), Merchant (Creature -1), Smith (Creature 3)


Source Gamemastery Guide pg. 246
Villains pursue selfish and cruel goals, trampling over anyone foolish or purehearted enough to stand in their way.


Antipaladin (Creature 5), Despot (Creature 5), Gang Leader (Creature 7), Mastermind (Creature 4), Reckless Scientist (Creature 6), Saboteur (Creature 2)