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Source Gamemastery Guide pg. 238
Countless adventures begin in a tavern or a pub. Maybe it's because such places attract the risk-prone, or maybe it's because everyone needs a little liquid courage before they decide to take on a group of rampaging ogres.


Barkeep (Creature 1), Drunkard (Creature 2), Innkeeper (Creature 1), Server (Creature -1)

Sidebar - Advice and Rules Bar Fight!

Bar fights work better without a grid. Use the stat blocks here or in the <%MON.FAMILY%%%>Downtrodden section for notable participants, everyone else attacking nonlethally with fists or improvised weapons. Roll one or two attacks at the end of each round against each PC in the fight (+4 attack modifier, 1d4+2 bludgeoning damage). Alcohol rules can be found here

Sidebar - Additional Lore Tap List

Ale: Andoren beer, Boulderhead bock, Cheerful Delver stout, Liquid Ghosts, Luglurch ale, Thileu lager.
Cider and Mead: Hardroot cider, Qadiran cider, Two Knight Brewery mead, Wineberry mead.
Wine: Irrisen icewine, sarain, syrinelle, Whiterose Abbey wine
Spirits: Daggermark drip, dragon punch whiskey, Old Erebus, vjarik.