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Theme Templates

Source Character Guide pg. 116
Even with these provided NPC statistics, it might still be challenging to flesh out the full ranks of a major organization, as you might need many different members of varying level and rank. The final part of this section presents a number of theme templates that you can apply to an existing creature or NPC stat block to help meet the need for your encounter or story. These templates are intended to provide a different set of abilities and equipment that grant a generic creature the appropriate flavor to present a character that is part of an organization without having to create a new set of statistics from scratch.

If you’d like to create your own theme templates, you can use these existing adjustments as a framework, though creating a creature or NPC from the ground up is recommended when possible and when time permits. These templates are fast and easy ways to make adjustments that are roughly balanced and that contain significant flavor of the organization.

Click here for the full rules on Theme Templates.

Aldori Swordlords

Source Character Guide pg. 128
Aldori swordlords are masters of combat trained in the Aldori dueling sword. They value honor above everything.

Aspis Consortium

Source Character Guide pg. 128
Members of the Aspis Consortium are always seeking ways to earn more coin. They are unscrupulous and aggressive in their methods, and put finances above morality.

Bellflower network

Source Character Guide pg. 128
Members of the Bellflower Network fight against slavery where they can, liberating slaves and helping those in need.

Deity Worshiper

Source Gods & Magic pg. 10
Theme templates allow a GM to replicate creatures and NPCs that worship specific deities.

Eagle Knights

Source Character Guide pg. 128
The Eagle Knights are a military group dedicated to fighting tyranny and defending their homeland, Andoran. They risk their lives to fight injustice and champion the rights of the individual.


Source Character Guide pg. 129
Firebrands tend to be rebellious liberators or boastful daredevils. They seek to draw attention to themselves.


Source Character Guide pg. 129
Hellknights are disciplined individuals who seek to maintain order and quell chaos. The myriad Hellknight orders are all highly structured and regimented. This template gives a low-level creature significantly more treasure than the normal maximum for its level, due to expensive armor; adjust the total treasure in your adventure accordingly.

Houses of Perfection

Source Character Guide pg. 129
The students of the Houses of Perfection are dedicated to the martial and mystical practices of Vudra. They are disciplined figures capable of improbable physical feats.

Knights of Lastwall

Source Character Guide pg. 129
Though their nation of Lastwall has fallen, the Knights of Lastwall remain vigilant against the undead. They are unwavering in their cause and fight with honor.

Lion Blades

Source Character Guide pg. 129
The Lion Blades are a secret organization in Taldor, protecting the nation via espionage, intrigue, and infiltration. They creatively use every tool at their disposal.

Pathfinder Society

Source Character Guide pg. 130
The Pathfinder Society recruits members of all kinds, so long as they are willing to report, explore, and cooperate. These like-minded adventurers and explorers travel the world to seek new knowledge and experiences.

Red Mantis Assassin

Source Character Guide pg. 130
The Red Mantis are assassins for hire who work under a strict code of rules and requirements. Once they are on the job, these tireless killers relentlessly pursue their targets.

The Magaambya

Source Character Guide pg. 130
The Magaambya is an academic institution dedicated to the study of magic, and its members are known for combining magical traditions in unique ways.

Whispering Way

Source Character Guide pg. 130
The Whispering Way is a cult of necromancers, nihilists, and undead intent on supporting Tar-Baphon, the Whispering Tyrant. They are zealous in their efforts to further the lich's goals.