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Character Guide

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Latest Errata 2.0 - 7/9/2021
Release Date 10/16/2019
Product Line Lost Omens
These entries have been updated with errata released on 7/9/2021

Ancestries [3]

Hobgoblin, Leshy, Lizardfolk

Ancestry Heritages [24]

Ancient Elf, Anvil Dwarf, Cliffscale Lizardfolk, Desert Elf, Elemental Heart Dwarf, Elfbane Hobgoblin, Frilled Lizardfolk, Fungus Leshy, Gourd Leshy, Leaf Leshy, Oathkeeper Dwarf, Observant Halfling, Runtboss Hobgoblin, Sandstrider Lizardfolk, Smokeworker Hobgoblin, Tailed Goblin, Treedweller Goblin, Unseen Lizardfolk, Vine Leshy, Vivacious Gnome, Warmarch Hobgoblin, Warrenbred Hobgoblin, Wetlander Lizardfolk, Wintertouched Human

Archetypes [10]

Firebrand Braggart, Halcyon Speaker, Hellknight, Hellknight Signifer, Knight Reclaimant, Knight Vigilant, Magaambyan Attendant, Scrollmaster, Spellmaster, Swordmaster

Armor [1]

Hellknight Plate

Equipment [30]

Arcane Scroll Case of Simplicity, Armored Skirt, Bi-Resonant Wayfinder, Cloak of Repute, Cloak of Repute (Greater), Cloak of Repute (Major), Crimson Brand, Divine Scroll Case of Simplicity, Fortifying Pebble, Glorious Plate, Insistent Door Knocker, Insistent Door Knocker (Greater), Insistent Door Knocker (Major), Lastwall Soup, Occult Scroll Case of Simplicity, Pathfinder Chronicle, Pathfinder's Coin, Pathfinder's Pouch, Primal Scroll Case of Simplicity, Radiant Lance, Scroll Case of Simplicity, Scrollstaff, Serrating, Shining Wayfinder, Sinister Knight, Snapleaf, Unmemorable Mantle, Unmemorable Mantle (Greater), Unmemorable Mantle (Major), Vanishing Wayfinder

Feats [205]

Absorb Spell, Adaptive Mask Familiar, Adroit Manipulation, Advanced Order Training, Aegis of Arnisant, Agonizing Rebuke, Alchemical Scholar, Ankle Bite, Arcane Tattoos, Avenge in Glory, Backup Disguise, Bark and Tendril, Battleforger, Blade of Law, Blade of the Crimson Oath, Boaster's Challenge, Bouncy Goblin, Bravo's Determination, Brightness Seeker, Cascade Bearer's Flexibility, Cascade Bearer's Spellcasting, Charged Creation, Chosen of Lamashtu, Clan Protector, Clan's Edge, Cobble Dancer, Courteous Comeback, Cunning Climber, Daredevil's Gambit, Daring Act, Daring Flourish, Darkseer, Death's Door, Defiance Unto Death, Demanding Challenge, Devil's Advocate, Dragon Prince, Dragon Spit, Dualistic Synergy, Easily Dismissed, Eclectic Obsession, Educated Assessment, Elemental Wrath, Elven Instincts, Elven Verve, Emerald Boughs Accustomation, Emerald Boughs Hideaway, Endure Death's Touch, Energy Blessed, Entourage, Envenom Fangs, Everstand Stance, Everstand Strike, Everyone Duck!, Expert Drill Sergeant, Fade Away, Fang Sharpener, Firebrand Braggart Dedication, Flexible Halcyon Spellcasting, Font of Knowledge, Forced Entry, Forest Stealth, Forge-Day's Rest, Formation Master, Formation Training, Fortuitous Shift, Freeze It!, Fulminating Synergy, Gaze of Veracity, Gecko's Grip, Gloomseer, Gnome Polyglot, Grasping Reach, Great Boaster, Grim Insight, Halcyon Speaker Dedication, Halcyon Spellcasting Adept, Halcyon Spellcasting Initiate, Halcyon Spellcasting Sage, Halfling Ingenuity, Hard Tail, Harmlessly Cute, Harrying Strike, Heir of the Saoc, Hellknight Dedication, Hellknight Order Cross-Training, Hellknight Signifer Dedication, Hell's Armaments, Helpful Halfling, Heroes' Call, Hobgoblin Lore, Hobgoblin Weapon Discipline, Hobgoblin Weapon Expertise, Hobgoblin Weapon Familiarity, Hungry Goblin, Impassable Wall Stance, Incredible Luck (Halfling), Innocuous, Intuitive Cooperation, Intuitive Illusions, Inventive Offensive, Invoke the Crimson Oath, Irriseni Ice-Witch, Iruxi Unarmed Cunning, Keep Up Appearances, Kneel for No God, Knight in Shining Armor, Knight Reclaimant Dedication, Knight Vigilant, Know Oneself, Leech-Clipper, Leshy Glide, Leshy Lore, Leshy Superstition, Life-Giving Magic, Light of Revelation, Lizardfolk Lore, Lore Seeker, Lucky Keepsake, Magaambyan Attendant Dedication, Marsh Runner, Mask Familiar, Masked Casting, Natural Illusionist, Natural Performer, Order Training, Ornate Tattoo, Overlooked Mastermind, Parthenogenic Hatchling, Persistent Creation, Pride in Arms, Primal Rampage, Protective Sheath, Quah Bond, Rain-Scribe Mobility, Rain-Scribe Sustenance, Razor Claws, Reaper of Repose, Recognize Threat, Remorseless Lash, Reptile Speaker, Ritual Reversion, Roll with It (Goblin), Round Ears, Saoc Astrology, Scalding Spit, Scrollmaster Dedication, Seedpod, Sense Chaos, Sense Thoughts, Shadow of the Wilds, Shadow Pact, Share Thoughts, Shared Luck (Halfling), Shared Synergy, Sharp Fangs, Shed Tail, Shory Aerialist, Shory Aeromancer, Shoulder Catastrophe, Signifer Armor Expertise, Signifer's Sight, Sociable, Solar Rejuvenation (Leshy), Sow Rumor, Speak with Kindred, Spellmaster Dedication, Spellmaster's Resilience, Sun Blade, Surface Culture, Surreptitious Spellcaster, Survivor of Desolation, Swift Swimmer, Swordmaster Dedication, Synergistic Spell, Tail Spin, Tail Whip, Tempest-Sun Redirection, Tempest-Sun Shielding, Terrain Advantage, Theoretical Acumen, Tomb-Watcher's Glare, Torch Goblin, Tree Climber (Goblin), Tupilaq Carver, Tusks, Unassuming Dedication, Unbreakable-er Goblin, Undaunted, Unexpected Shift, Unravel Mysteries, Unshakable Idealism, Uzunjati Recollection, Uzunjati Storytelling, Vibrant Display, Vigorous Health, Viking Shieldbearer, Virtue-Forged Tattoos, Wandering Heart, Ward Casting, Wavetouched Paragon, Wildborn Adept, Wildborn Magic, Witch Warden, Woodcraft

Hellknight Orders [7]

Order of the Chain, Order of the Gate, Order of the Godclaw, Order of the Nail, Order of the Pyre, Order of the Rack, Order of the Scourge

NPCs [10]

Charming Scoundrel, Hellknight Armiger, Hellknight Paravicar, Pathfinder Field Agent, Pathfinder Venture-Captain, Privateer Captain, Rain-Scribe, Tempest-Sun Mage, Veteran Reclaimer, Virtuous Defender

Rules [1]

NPC Gallery

Spells [3]

Invoke the Crimson Oath, Light of Revelation, Sun Blade

Traits [3]

Hobgoblin (Ancestry), Leshy (Monster), Lizardfolk (Monster)

Weapons [2]

Fauchard, Scourge