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PFS StandardOrder of the Rack

Source Character Guide pg. 83 2.0
Favored Weapons Longsword, Whip
Members of the Order of the Rack seek to eliminate wastefulness throughout the Inner Sea region. They seek to quash pointless dreams, quell rebellions, and destroy dangerous inventions.

PFS StandardDisillusionment Lesser Benefit

Source Character Guide pg. 83 2.0
Dreams are pointless illusions you seek to quash. If you roll a success on a saving throw against an illusion or dream effect or a Perception check to disbelieve an illusion, you get a critical success instead. If you roll a critical failure on any of those checks, you get a failure instead.

PFS StandardSilence Heresy [two-actions] Greater Benefit

Source Character Guide pg. 83 2.0
You channel a power that stifles dangerous words. Make a melee Strike. If the attack hits, the target is unable to speak in a voice louder than a whisper for 1 round. This prevents the target from using most auditory effects involving its voice, and it must succeed at a DC 5 flat check to Cast a Spell with a verbal component or the spell is disrupted. If your Strike is a critical hit, the target is entirely unable to speak for 1 round and is limited to a whisper for 1 minute thereafter. Once a creature has been affected by this ability, it is temporarily immune for 1 minute.