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PFS StandardScrollstaffItem 1

Source Character Guide pg. 100 2.0
Price 12 gp
Usage held in 1 hand; Bulk 1
Access A character who is Magaambyan of at least attendant rank has access to this option.
A band of pliant wood encircles the head of this slender mahogany staff. The Magaambya created the first scrollstaves millennia ago, and even the few scrollstaves found beyond the organization often incorporate Magaambyan iconography as an homage to their source.

A scrollstaff serves as a weapon just like an ordinary staff and can be improved via runes like any other staff. In addition, if you are capable of creating magical scrolls, you can inscribe a single scroll onto the staff’s head for the same cost as normal for Crafting the scroll. If necessary, you can embed a required material focus into the staff as part of the same Craft activity. As long as you are holding the staff, you can cast the spell from the staff’s head. Casting the written spell works just like casting from a scroll, but you can perform the necessary material component with the staff, even if you don’t have a free hand. Once you cast the inscribed spell, any material focus remains embedded in the staff until removed as an Interact action.

The staff can hold only a single scroll at a time. If you inscribe a new scroll before casting the previous spell, you replace the existing spell and remove any previous material focus as part of the Craft activity to write the new scroll.