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PFS StandardAegis of Arnisant Feat 12

Source Character Guide pg. 94 2.0
Archetype Knight Vigilant
Prerequisites Knight Vigilant; Shield Block; master in Religion
Requirements You are wielding a shield.

Inspired by the tale of Arnisant, you transform your shield into a magic ward. Until the beginning of your next turn, you gain the following reaction:

Absorb into the Aegis

Source Character Guide pg. 94 2.0
Trigger An enemy casts a spell that targets you or an ally within 15 feet of you
You interpose your shield’s ward against the spell. Attempt a counteract check, using your Religion modifier as your counteract modifier. On a success, the spell is counteracted and your shield takes damage equal to four times the spell level as it absorbs and disperses the magical energy. On a failure, the shield takes damage equal to twice the spell’s level.



This feat belongs to an archetype.