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PFS StandardCrimson BrandItem 9

Source Character Guide pg. 82 2.0
Price 700 gp
Usage held in 1 or 2 hands; Bulk 1
Access A character who is a member of the Knights of Lastwall has access to this option.
These ominous swords are decorated with crimson lacquer and serve as perfect conduits for the Crimson Oath’s power. The first was granted to Clarethe Iomedar by a mysterious patron who many Reclaimers believe to be an emissary of Ragathiel. A crimson brand is a +1 striking wounding bastard sword. When the wielder uses the crimson brand to cast invoke the Crimson Oath, they can generate a 60-foot line or a 30-foot cone instead of the normal 20-foot cone. Whenever the wielder would inflict persistent bleed damage on an undead creature with the crimson brand, they can instead wreathe the creature in ruby energy, inflicting the same amount of persistent positive damage instead of persistent bleed damage.