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PFS StandardOrder of the Pyre

Source Character Guide pg. 83 2.0
Favored Weapon Glaive
The Order of the Pyre is dedicated to eliminating those faiths and beliefs they consider to be a threat to the Inner Sea region. They are particularly keen on stamping out dangerous cults.

PFS StandardRighteous Resistance Lesser Benefit

Source Character Guide pg. 83 2.0
You can cast resist energy twice per day as a divine innate spell, except you can target only yourself. If you grant yourself resistance to fire damage, the resistance is equal to either the spell’s normal value or to your level, whichever is higher.

PFS StandardSpiritual Disruption [two-actions] Greater Benefit

Source Character Guide pg. 83 2.0
You channel disruptive power that severs a foe’s spiritual connection to their heretical magic. Make a melee Strike. If the attack hits, any time the target attempts to cast a divine or occult spell, the spell is disrupted unless they succeed at a DC 5 flat check (DC 7 on a critical hit); if the target is also stupefied, it must attempt the harder of the two flat checks (but not both). This effect lasts for 1 minute.