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PFS StandardOrder of the Nail

Source Character Guide pg. 82 2.0
Favored Weapons Halberd, Lance
Members of the Order of the Nail see civilized society as an ideal and seek to unite all people within their cultural baseline. They also seek to destroy anyone who does not accept Chelaxian culture along with the wild beasts that threaten the safety of civilization.

PFS StandardTrailblazing Stride Lesser Benefit

Source Character Guide pg. 82 2.0
You are used to moving through the wilderness. While moving on land, you ignore the effects of non-magical difficult terrain.

PFS StandardReveal Beasts Greater Benefit

Source Character Guide pg. 82 2.0
You are adept at revealing—or creating—weaknesses among those who are a threat to civilization. If you roll a success on a check to Recall Knowledge to identify an animal or a beast, you get a critical success instead. The next time you damage that creature, it gains weakness 5 during that attack to one damage type of your choice that you dealt it.