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PFS StandardEmerald Boughs Accustomation Feat 6

Source Character Guide pg. 102
Archetype Magaambyan Attendant
Prerequisites Magaambyan Attendant Dedication, Emerald Boughs affiliation, expert in Society

You are comfortable and socially capable in almost any cultural context. When you use the Society skill to Subsist, if you roll a critical failure, you get a failure instead; if you roll a success, you get a critical success instead; and if you roll a critical success, you can provide for another additional creature. Furthermore, when you attempt a Society check to Recall Knowledge about cultural practices and roll a critical failure, you get a failure instead.



This feat belongs to an archetype.


A general feat with the skill trait improves your skills and their actions or gives you new actions for a skill. A feat with this trait can be selected when a class grants a skill feat or general feat. Archetype feats with the skill trait can be selected in place of a skill feat if you have that archetype’s dedication feat.