Archetypes | Hellknight Orders

Order of the Godclaw

Source Lost Omens Character Guide pg. 82
The Order of the Godclaw’s Hellknights see their cause as a holy mandate from the Godclaw. They seek to punish criminals with a zeal rarely matched by others who enforce the law.

Dedication to the Five Lesser Benefit

Source Lost Omens Character Guide pg. 82
Your dedication to the Godclaw borders on a cleric’s. You gain the cleric’s Domain Initiate feat but must select perfection, protection, tyranny, or zeal as your domain. In addition, you can use any religious symbol of Abadar, Asmodeus, Iomedae, Irori, or Torag as your divine focus.

Blessing of the Five Three ActionsGreater Benefit

Source Lost Omens Character Guide pg. 82
Frequency once per day
You call out to the Godclaw to heal your allies. You cast the 3-action version of heal, heightened to a level 1 lower than half your level rounded up. You can select up to four creatures in the area to remain unaffected by the spell. You can instead use this ability to bring a creature within 30 feet that has died within the last round back from the dead. If you do, the creature is restored to 1 Hit Point and is doomed 1 for 24 hours.