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Asmodeus [LE]

Source Core Rulebook pg. 437
The Prince of Darkness reigns over contracts, pride, slavery, and tyranny, and he delights in tempting mortals to the path of evil. He promotes strict hierarchies where everyone knows their place, and he takes advantage of order for his own selfish benefit.

Edicts negotiate contracts to your best advantage, rule tyrannically and torture weaker beings, show subservience to your betters
Anathema break a contract, free a slave, insult Asmodeus by showing mercy to your enemies
Follower Alignments LE

Devotee Benefits

Divine Font harm
Divine Skill Deception
Favored Weapon mace
Domains confidence, fire, trickery, tyranny
Cleric Spells 1st: charm, 4th: suggestion, 6th: mislead