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An orphan raised in the Mugumo Plains by doting farmers, Ufi always enjoyed the simple things in life. He grew to be a strong, thoughtful young man, eager to help harvest crops, build farmhouses, or haul furniture. Ufi loved his family and his village and considered himself blessed by the love they showed him in return.

During an outing to collect wood, Ufi discovered an ancient set of stone beads engraved with an intricate design resembling rays of light. A passing pilgrim took note of the beads and identified them as sacred to Tlehar, an ancient goddess once worshipped in the city of Mzali. The pilgrim told the village that Ufi was blessed by Tlehar, destined for greater things, and he recommended Ufi hone his skills at the Magaambya. Ufi felt uncertain about leaving his village, but he traveled with the pilgrim to Nantambu, learning of Tlehar's lore along the way. He now wishes to learn as much as he can about magic and his new faith, and he hopes to protect his classmates and make his village proud.

Ufi likes all his fellow students, but he's particularly captivated by Zane's easygoing demeanor and wit.

Recall Knowledge - Humanoid (Society): DC 25
Unspecific Lore: DC 23
Specific Lore: DC 20

Elite | Normal | Weak
Proficiency without Level

UfiCreature 1

Source Threshold of Knowledge pg. 14
Male human cleric of Tlehar
Heritage versatile human
Background farmhand
Cleric Doctrine warpriest
Perception +7
Languages Common, Mwangi
Skills Athletics +6, Diplomacy +4, Farming Lore +3, Medicine +7, Nature +7, Religion +7
Str +16, Dex +10, Con +12, Int +10, Wis +18, Cha +12
Items wooden religious symbol of Tlehar, 8 sp, backpack, chain mail, club, healer's tools, morningstar, steel shield (Hardness 5, HP 20, BT 10)
AC 17 (19 with shield raised); Fort +6, Ref +3, Will +9
HP 17
Shield Block Requirement Ufi has his shield raised; Effect Ufi's shield prevents him from taking an amount of damage up to the shield's Hardness. Ufi and the shield each take any remaining damage, possibly breaking or destroying the shield.
Speed 20 feet
Melee morningstar +6 [+1/-4] (versatile P), Damage 1d8+3 bludgeoningMelee club +6 [+1/-4], Damage 1d6+3 bludgeoningRanged club +3 [-2/-7] (thrown 10 feet), Damage 1d6+3 bludgeoningDivine Prepared Spells DC 17, attack +7; 1st bless, heal (x2), magic weapon; Cantrips (1st) daze, detect magic, guidance, light, stabilize
Ancestry Feat Natural AmbitionClass Feat Deadly SimplicityOther Abilities anathema (lose your motivation to your regrets, spread despair, treat a loved one poorly), divine font (heal), edicts (give yourself fully to everything you attempt, always maintain hope that tomorrow will be a better day, treasure every gift you are given by those who matter to you)Skill Feats Assurance (Athletics), Hefty Hauler

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Source Threshold of Knowledge pg. 11
Pregenerated characters for the Threshold of Knowledge adventure.