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Source Gamemastery Guide pg. 224
Magistrates are the cogs and gears that keep bureaucracy running, moving the machine along under the inertia of the status quo.


Harbormaster (Creature 3), Judge (Creature -1), Tax Collector (Creature -1), Warden (Creature 6)

Sidebar - Related Creatures At Your Service

Magistrates can conscript others into service in a variety of positions.

Harbormaster: Bosun, dockhand, guard, ship captain.
Judge: Captain of the guard, executioner, guard, jailer
Tax Collector: Captain of the guard, guard, jailer, watch officer

Sidebar - Additional Lore Delaying Tactics

A magistrate can weaponize the bureaucracy. A judge might enforce an archaic law generally ignored yet still on the books. A tax collector could ask for the seal of a lord who is out of the region. The harbormaster could require all fees in local coin, fully aware money changers won't be open for days.