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Chapter 4: Variant Rules / Stamina

Stamina Points

Source Gamemastery Guide pg. 200
Stamina Points represent a character’s energy and readiness. They’re reduced by damage just like Hit Points, but a character always loses their Stamina Points first, and loses Hit Points only if they’re out of Stamina Points. If a character takes damage exceeding their remaining Stamina Points, the excess damage reduces their Hit Points. However, they lose any temporary Hit Points before losing Stamina Points.

Though Stamina Points and Hit Points function similarly when a character takes damage, a character recovers them differently. A heal spell restores Hit Points, not Stamina Points, and the actions described below (like Take a Breather) restore only Stamina Points, not Hit Points. A character regains all their Stamina Points after a full night’s rest. Hit Points still determine whether a character remains conscious—a character at 0 HP is unconscious, no matter how many Stamina Points they have. In addition to their ancestry Hit Points, a PC gains the number of Stamina Points and Hit Points indicated in the second and third columns of Table 4–21 at 1st level. Both values increase by the same amount at each level thereafter. This replaces the Hit Points a character gains from their class in a standard game.

Table 4-21: Stamina and Hit Points by Class

Normal Class HPClass Stamina PointsClass Hit PointsClasses
6 + Con modifier3 + Con modifier3Sorcerer, wizard
8 + Con modifier4 + Con modifier4Alchemist, bard, cleric, druid, rogue
10 + Con modifier5 + Con modifier5Champion, fighter, monk, ranger
12 + Con modifier6 + Con modifier6Barbarian