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Chapter 1: Ancestries & Backgrounds

Versatile Heritages

Source Advanced Player's Guide pg. 7
While the Core Rulebook presented heritages as subgroups of a particular ancestry, certain heritages can occur across all ancestries. For instance, if your mother was a hag, you could be a changeling whether you're a human, orc, or catfolk. Rules for versatile heritages are found on page 28.
  • Changelings are the children of hags, left as foundlings and subject to the danger of their mother's tempting call.
  • Dhampirs are part vampires due to an early connection to vampire blood.
  • Planar Scions (page 34) are descended from a distant planar ancestor or tied strongly to another plane. This book details the celestial aasimars, psychopomp-tied duskwalkers, and fiendish tieflings.