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Source Secrets of Magic pg. 198 1.1
The world is a reflection of the Elemental Planes. Fire blazes in its core, cradled and calmed in a bed of Earth. Water brings the parched soil relief, strengthening as it soothes. All this is encapsulated by Air, which breathes life into the world. Elementalism is the belief these four elements are the components used to create all matter. Thus, magic is simply the manipulation of the four elements. Understanding these elements is the essence of elementalism.

Druidic Orders

Source Secrets of Magic pg. 198 1.1
Elementalists eschew traditional magical divisions in favor of the elemental quaternity and rarely attempt a formal education. Instead, they travel Golarion, learning from the environment and elemental masters. These sojourns are referred to as pilgrimages, and the lessons learned along the way are called exposures or forms.

Druids are among the most well-known elemental masters, capable of harnessing the power of nature that exists below a mountain or flows through an ocean. Although some act as wardens to the world as a whole, most specialize into one of three orders that revere individual elements. Within these orders, as well as the storm order that focuses on air, a sizable contingent of druids devote themselves fully to elemental magic, choosing the elementalist class archetype. However, just as many druids in these orders access magic from the primal spell list normally, believing that they can still take a wider view of nature through the lens of their element.

Elementalist druids are more common in regions with strong traditions involving the cycle of elements, such as Jalmeray.

Elemental Spell List

Source Secrets of Magic pg. 203 1.1
The elementalist archetype uses this elemental spell list. It includes spells from all hardcover rulebooks up to this release with a superscript indicating the book.

You can discuss with the GM any spells from other sources you want to add to your list. As a general rule, spells with the air, earth, fire, or water trait belong on the list, including spells that add one of those traits depending on how they're cast, such as elemental zone. Spells that are general and appear on every tradition's spell list also make good candidates.