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Guns Equipment

Customization Options

Source Guns & Gears pg. 179
The potent stopping power, solid range, and relative ease of use of firearms make them attractive options for almost any warrior who can both obtain one and maintain a healthy supply of ammunition, but these benefits are only the most basic offered by the firearms being produced in Golarion today. Everything from bandoliers for the discerning pirate to specialized scopes for snipers can be obtained from the talented gunsmiths who ply their trades in Dongun Hold, Alkenstar, or Arcadia for the right price.


Source Guns & Gears pg. 179
Firearms and crossbows are generally efficient weapons designed with an eye towards ease of use. However, the act of managing ammunition, reloading, and keeping a grip on a weapon can become cumbersome without a good bandolier or holster to hold your weapons and ammunition in a convenient position until they become necessary in combat.


Source Guns & Gears pg. 180
Scopes for firearms and crossbows have existed, in one form or another, for many years, though they've recently become one of the most soughtafter luxury items for gun enthusiasts in Alkenstar and in various regions that have gotten their hands on Alkenstar firearms (whether through legal means or otherwise). Leatherworkers, metalsmiths, crystal cutters, and spellcasters specializing in the creation and development of magical items all have a part to play in the burgeoning industry. The finest crafters often incorporate signature techniques or styles into the scopes they produce, such as crystal cutters espousing the merits of their flawless lenses and spellcasters promoting the benefits of the particular spells and techniques they use to increase the amount and clarity of information conveyed by scopes they enchant.


Source Guns & Gears pg. 182
The ferocious kickback of firearms is part of the functionality that makes them so appealing as weapons, but it can also present a barrier in wielding them effectively. To increase the functionality of firearms and make them more accessible to a wider audience, gunsmiths and engineers have created a large array of supporting stabilization over the years. From the humble tripod to more elaborate arrays like the gunner's saddle, these tools can be an invaluable part of any gunner's loadout.

Other Modifications

Source Guns & Gears pg. 183
While holsters, scopes, and stabilizers are some of the more common accessories associated with firearms and crossbows, they're far from the only innovations that support such weapons. The variety of accessories is matched only by the inventors' creativity. Blazons and emblems for paired weapons are popular purchases for fashion-oriented aristocrats who like their weapons to match aesthetically and magically. Talented gunsmiths produce replaceable barrels, high-end firing mechanisms, and other commodities for firearm enthusiasts to further customize their weapons to their preferences.

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