Source Secrets of Magic pg. 158 1.1
Fulus are small paper charms that can be affixed to a suit of armor, a shield, a weapon, a creature, or even a structure. Some fulus are composed of multiple such charms, taking effect only once all have been affixed. Normal fulus have effects immediately once affixed, while fulu talismans have an effect only once activated. Once a fulu has been activated, it lasts for the given duration and then burns out. Unless otherwise noted, fulus expire one year after being created, reverting to mundane paper.

All fulus have the fulu and consumable traits. Fulus also have a tradition trait—either arcane, divine, occult or primal—determined by the magical tradition of its creator. For example, a fulu created by a priest would have the divine trait, whereas a witch who dabbles in fate might create a fulu with the occult trait. Some fulus also have the talisman trait, if they work similarly to talismans (such as being affixed to a suit of armor, a shield, or a weapon.

Each fulu's stat block indicates the type of item or creature it can be affixed to. Affixing or removing a fulu requires using the Affix a Fulu activity, or the Affix a Talisman action instead if the fulu is also a talisman.


Anathema Fulu, Animal-Turning Fulu, Apotropaic Fulu, Demolition Fulu, Detect Anathema Fulu, Discord Fulu, Dragonfly Fulu, Escape Fulu, Firecracker Fulu, Fulu of Fire Suppression, Fulu of Flood Suppression, Fulu of the Drunken Monkey, Fulu of the Stoic Ox, Fulus of Concealment, Ghost Courier Fulu, Ghost Delivery Fulu, Ghostbane Fulu, Golden Breath Fulu, Inventor's Fulu, Kaiju Fulu, Magical Lock Fulu, Matchmaker Fulu, Mourner's Dawnlight Fulu, Poracha Fulu, Privacy Ward Fulu, Rebound Fulu, Reflected Moonlight Fulu, Restful Sleep Fulu, Sentry Fulu, Spirit-Sealing Fulu, Stormbreaker Fulu, Stumbling Fulu, Thousand-Pains Fulu, Tracking Fulu, Traveler's Fulu, Venomous Cure Fulu